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    • We both loved the way Sheila Harper presented herself - not to 'tell' or 'advise' us on what to believe or not (like many trainers do in a sometimes intimidating manner) but to allow us to think...
    • It was superbly facilitated and directed with dog handling, case studies, and in-depth perspective being important.
    • Sheila is not into "Sit", "Down", "Stay". The concentration is on having a positive and gentle development with your dog - you are a team - so that you can both enjoy...
    • I have been to presentations before where your attention starts to wander and where you can’t wait for the course to end. I was completely focused on this course for the whole 2 days; there was...
    • “What a weekend that was! Will life with my dog ever be the same again? I hope not! I now have some tools for a new start with my first ever dog who, at 14 months, had lost his trust in me...
    • “I soon realised that my inexperience really didn’t matter, as what we had come to learn about was new to everyone. We all had a similar motivation for doing the course. To do the best...
    • “A wonderfully stimulating and well organised weekend. It exceeded my expectations both in content and presentation.”
    • “I admire Sheila’s passion, calm positive energy and tireless motivation for teaching and sharing her profound, pioneering and unique philosophy and knowledge of dogs and owners.”
    • “I learned a great deal and ‘Bod’ was so relaxed and stress free due to your fantastic organisation. I do so appreciate how much hard work and thought goes into the preparation of...
    • “At that time, I still believed in Pack Leadership, dominance, control and obedience. Sheila opened my eyes and mind to the possibility that there was a different way to work with my three...
    • “I wanted to say a big thank you for the hard work and time put into the courses and for the patience and understanding of where I am at and what I have still to learn. It could be quite...
    • “We haven't been able to stop thinking about what we learnt and we're hungry for more. We bought half a dozen books to keep us going!”

    Team Members

    Winny Boerman B.App.Sc

    Winny is the Internal Verifier for our OCN(WMR) accredited programme and provides key assistance and support in the businesses educational activities. This includes a teaching role alongside Sheila Harper and counselling with clients who have dogs with behaviour issues. Her particular interests are in handling, problem solving and working with natural abilities; encouraging dogs to regain their social skills through the mediums of scent work and quality socialisation so that they can cope better in society.

    Formerly a research analyst in molecular biology, Winny is also a qualified Veterinary Nurse. She has been involved with dogs for over 20 years, working in rescue shelters and spending 3 years as a shelter manager in her native Holland. She puts into practice the principles learned mostly through Sheila’s education programmes and in conjunction with her own studies in animal welfare and nursing. From her empathetic standpoint, Winny systematically applies and combines theory into every practical situation and her natural intuition for dogs and her handling skills are second to none.

    Winny says: “Before long I had realised how little I knew when I found myself following Sheila’s course in Holland in 2006. It turned out that this course taught me about so much more than dogs. It also taught me about life; my own life and how it reflects on and influences dogs. Now, as one of the team members I have the opportunity to continue my learning about dogs and their behaviour, as well as their behaviour in relation to owners. This learning is one where a gentle approach, understanding and mutual respect are the key words for a better relationship with the dog. It is the kind of learning where the only tools used are tools to give a dog the opportunity to develop his life skills or to help him to relearn them and use them again. These are the natural life skills that some dogs have lost somewhere in their life for various reasons - and giving back these life skills is the biggest challenge and reward that I can think of”

    Winny is fully qualified as an

    Applied Zoopharmacognosy Practitioner (Dip. IAZ)
    Canine Emmett Practitioner

    Tracy Cheshire

    Tracy started working for Sheila in 2008, based in the office, getting on top of the paperwork and the accounts. However it wasn’t long before she was learning more about dogs, as Sheila encouraged her love of dogs and thirst for knowledge. Soon she was helping with the classes alongside her regular job. In 2010/11 Tracy joined the IDBTS (now the IPACS) to gain the deeper knowledge and understanding needed to work for Sheila. Her role has now evolved and diversified into more than the administrative work, as she now also offers behavioural consulations on a 1-1 basis for local people.

    Tracy says: "I spent the first 4 years working with Sheila and learning as much as I could about dogs before including a dog in our family. I worked on educating my family (husband and 2 young children) into the communication of dogs and trying to educate them with the knowledge I had gained. I wanted to help to create a home environment that was as calm as possible, with the children having respect and knowledge about dogs before bringing a dog into our lives. Barley is now a member of our family he is a yellow Labrador and is now 4 years old (2016). My understanding of dogs has now deepened since Barley has come to join us.

    I envisage that I will continue to learn on a daily basis from my own dog and the dogs that I come into contact with. The most rewarding moments come from the littlest things that dogs do, like a gentle nudge on the leg when preparing their food or when you have created a barrier and the dog acknowledges that you are helping them. By opening your eyes and mind to the smallest part of communication brings an awareness of the wonderful relationship everyone can have with a dog if control is taken away and a true relationship is formed based on mutual respect and understanding."

    Rosie Lowry

    Rosie is a dog behaviour counsellor and has recently published her first book ‘Understanding the silent communication of dogs’ (in association with Marilyn Aspinall); foreword by Sheila Harper. Qualified from the IPACS (formerly IDBTS) as well as in animal care and management, Rosie has run a successful pet sitting business and kept, and worked with, a wide range of different animals. Nowadays, Rosie is the proud owner of Pogo, a rescue crossbreed from the Border Collie Trust and Kuzu.

    Says Rosie: - “My animals have taught me so much, especially all my dogs, and now I am able to help them have a better life as result of my continuous learning and my work with Sheila Harper Ltd. I only wish I had known 20 years ago, what I know now. Having had previous experience of many different types of training and behavioural methods, most of which relied on exercising some form of dominance or control over your dog, I realised that, at best, they produced only short-term results, but more usually, made matters worse and tainted the relationship I had with my dogs. After attending further courses, run by Sheila, Winny Boerman and other similarly enlightened people, I now use my knowledge and experience to help my clients and friends understand their dogs, work with them to develop a positive relationship, deal with existing issues and prevent problems developing.

    A good relationship that works is about understanding, sharing and trust. With this dual relationship it lays down a solid foundation for the partnership to flourish and helps problems to dissipate. Your dog chooses to comply when you can give choices within appropriate boundaries. It is a wonderful way to 'be' with a dog”

    Alex Brown

    Jean Gough

    Rachel More