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    • We both loved the way Sheila Harper presented herself - not to 'tell' or 'advise' us on what to believe or not (like many trainers do in a sometimes intimidating manner) but to allow us to think...
    • It was superbly facilitated and directed with dog handling, case studies, and in-depth perspective being important.
    • Sheila is not into "Sit", "Down", "Stay". The concentration is on having a positive and gentle development with your dog - you are a team - so that you can both enjoy...
    • I have been to presentations before where your attention starts to wander and where you can’t wait for the course to end. I was completely focused on this course for the whole 2 days; there was...
    • “What a weekend that was! Will life with my dog ever be the same again? I hope not! I now have some tools for a new start with my first ever dog who, at 14 months, had lost his trust in me...
    • “I soon realised that my inexperience really didn’t matter, as what we had come to learn about was new to everyone. We all had a similar motivation for doing the course. To do the best...
    • “A wonderfully stimulating and well organised weekend. It exceeded my expectations both in content and presentation.”
    • “I admire Sheila’s passion, calm positive energy and tireless motivation for teaching and sharing her profound, pioneering and unique philosophy and knowledge of dogs and owners.”
    • “I learned a great deal and ‘Bod’ was so relaxed and stress free due to your fantastic organisation. I do so appreciate how much hard work and thought goes into the preparation of...
    • “At that time, I still believed in Pack Leadership, dominance, control and obedience. Sheila opened my eyes and mind to the possibility that there was a different way to work with my three...
    • “I wanted to say a big thank you for the hard work and time put into the courses and for the patience and understanding of where I am at and what I have still to learn. It could be quite...
    • “We haven't been able to stop thinking about what we learnt and we're hungry for more. We bought half a dozen books to keep us going!”

    Canine Play Seminar - The Netherlands

    Sheila Harper B Ed, BA with Winny Boerman B.App.Sc
    2-day theoretical seminar
      22nd-23rd April 2017
    Venue: Amstelveen, The Netherlands
    9.30am (registration) - 5pm

    To book please contact:
    Jana Kalenda
    Telephone: 06-22085477


    Target audience: pet owners, aspiring professionals or professionals who want to understand Canine Play Behaviour and what is really going on.

    We all know that dogs enjoy play and that the right type of play leaves them satisfied, mentally stimulated and content but we have all probably seen play that leaves a dog over tired, unable to settle, unable to know when to stop or unable make good choices.

    This course will enable you to look at canine play behaviour in a new light. Through video footage you will learn to truly understand what you are looking at taking into account body language and stress levels.

    You will learn when to intervene, the importance of timing this correctly and the methods of intervention.


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