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    • We both loved the way Sheila Harper presented herself - not to 'tell' or 'advise' us on what to believe or not (like many trainers do in a sometimes intimidating manner) but to allow us to think...
    • It was superbly facilitated and directed with dog handling, case studies, and in-depth perspective being important.
    • Sheila is not into "Sit", "Down", "Stay". The concentration is on having a positive and gentle development with your dog - you are a team - so that you can both enjoy...
    • I have been to presentations before where your attention starts to wander and where you can’t wait for the course to end. I was completely focused on this course for the whole 2 days; there was...
    • “What a weekend that was! Will life with my dog ever be the same again? I hope not! I now have some tools for a new start with my first ever dog who, at 14 months, had lost his trust in me...
    • “I soon realised that my inexperience really didn’t matter, as what we had come to learn about was new to everyone. We all had a similar motivation for doing the course. To do the best...
    • “A wonderfully stimulating and well organised weekend. It exceeded my expectations both in content and presentation.”
    • “I admire Sheila’s passion, calm positive energy and tireless motivation for teaching and sharing her profound, pioneering and unique philosophy and knowledge of dogs and owners.”
    • “I learned a great deal and ‘Bod’ was so relaxed and stress free due to your fantastic organisation. I do so appreciate how much hard work and thought goes into the preparation of...
    • “At that time, I still believed in Pack Leadership, dominance, control and obedience. Sheila opened my eyes and mind to the possibility that there was a different way to work with my three...
    • “I wanted to say a big thank you for the hard work and time put into the courses and for the patience and understanding of where I am at and what I have still to learn. It could be quite...
    • “We haven't been able to stop thinking about what we learnt and we're hungry for more. We bought half a dozen books to keep us going!”

    Social Skills

    Improving Social Skills: - Sheila Harper B. Ed, BA with Winny Boerman B.App.Sc.

    Dates: - 28th July -1st August 2015


    Time: 9.30am (registration day one) for 10.00am start – 5.00pm finish


    Venue: - The Centre For Adventure, Penkridge Bank, Cannock Chase, WS15 2UF


    Price £350

    Participant numbers: - up to 12 dogs and handlers welcome
    Limited numbers: Maximum number of places including spectators: 20


    Target audience: anyone from pet owner to professional who wants to enjoy time with their dog!


    Dogs are masters of so much more than we give them credit for. Their natural abilities include a wonderful social competence and they can be great problem solvers and peace keepers.
    Fitting in with our society is not so easy, however. All dogs benefit from good quality social contact, and appropriate stimulation to build self-confidence and security. Having a good balance between mental and physical exercise is underestimated: creative, stimulating yet relaxing activities such as Nosework and problem solving can provide dogs with learning opportunities for developing skills for daily life.

    Experience the value of challenging your dog to creative thinking and practising good social skills. In sharing enjoyable activities that make sense to your dog and where his intellect is stimulated and abilities developed, you will feel proud of what he can achieve.
    Whether he needs a confidence boost, whether you would like to improve your relationship, to help him develop his social skills, to connect with you instead of going hunting or chasing or if you simply enjoy being with your dog, we can work with you. Alternative canine activities don’t take a lot of effort, but help your dog to learn and enjoy appropriate pastimes and social contact.

    This activity holiday is suitable for all breeds, temperaments, age or size. Even if your dog isn’t perfectly behaved, tends to be under-socialised, fearful or lacking in confidence we can find some suitable activities to build his skills. Even if he is reactive we will find him appropriate opportunities to relax in the vicinity of other dogs for social development. Equally, for well-socialised dogs with no issues, this holiday will be an adventure for both of you.

    Activities will include:

    Enjoyable alternatives for conventional exercises, including mental stimulation
    Activities as a substitute for that rainy day walk or for dogs that are not allowed out
    Interests to build your dog’s confidence and stronger relationships
    Opportunities for good social skills such as quality educational walks
    Plenty of other activities to stimulate and satisfy your dog’s nature
    The needs of each dog and owner will be discussed before suggesting activities in order to ensure choice of suitable practical work.
    Please note that these activities are dog-centred rather than owner-centred. Each dog will be treated as an individual, and activities will be tailor-made even for puppies or seniors!

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    The Centre For Adventure, Penkridge Bank, Cannock Chase, WS15 2UF
    (+£15 with your dog)